Just way too many photo's of my pups!

November 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

If you know me you know I'm very obsessed with my dogs! Lydia and Aspen, they basically go everywhere with us, and they love to hike and camp! So naturally I had to use them as models when we are out in nature!! Hope you enjoy!


Cindi and Dale Surprise Guests with Wedding

May 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last Saturday we had the honor of photographing Cindi and Dale's wedding in Arizona. The wedding was beautiful, loads of fun and intimate. They had a little twist to it though, their friends and family that were attending thought they were just going to a Kentucky Derby themed dinner party. Once all the guest had arrived they spilled the secret that they were all actually attending their wedding!!! There are not enough words to describe how happy and excited everyone was once they found  out! The room erupted with clapping, cheering and many hugs! We were so happy to be there to capture it all for them! Here is a little sneak peak into the perfect surprise wedding!






5 Tips For Your Toddlers Portrait Session

December 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We had the pleasure of taking pictures of soon to be 2 year old Rylee.  She is such a sweet, fun and beautiful little girl! Her session was so fun and went off without a hitch! She even found some pretty cool rocks to show off to her mom and dad! If you're interested in booking a shoot in the Phoenix, Arizona area Contact Us Here. Be sure to  check out the tips below for Toddler/young children photo sessions.



Are you thinking about booking a session for your Toddler or young ones?

Here are 5 tips we like to give parents, to help get the best out of your precious little ones portrait session.

Tip #1

Make sure to schedule the session after a nap and meal!

This helps for a happy and energetic toddler! (bring a small snack with you if you think they may need it)



Tip #2

Bring a small toy (doll, car, stuffed animal, etc.) to keep them occupied between location changes, and to hold by the camera to keep them looking forward.

Sometimes just saying their name and making silly faces just isn't enough.





Tip #3

Don't stress or feel rushed during the shoot.

Most photographers know, when working with children their mood can change quickly. Talk with your photographer and let your little one spend 5-10 minutes warming up to them, it can make all the difference. If your toddler doesn't want to pose or is getting side tracked, just go with the flow, you will still get some amazing photos that show their wonderful personality!




Tip #4

Always encourage!

Keep reminding your child that they are doing great. Encourage them to be their silly little self and to have fun and smile! Your demeanor and tone of voice may reflect the actions and mood they have.



Tip #5

Bring a spare outfit.

You never know what they might get into, it's always good to have a back up outfit just in case they find some mud and dirt they want to play with :) .



Bonus Tips

Let them be silly.

You know your child the best! However you know to make them happy go for it!

Photo session are always meant to be fun so make the best out of it for everyone involved.




Zac and Emily Belcher Wedding Sneak Peak

September 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Here is a little sneak peak for everyone of Zac and Emily Belcher's wedding! We cannot thank the both of them enough for choosing us to capture their day. From getting ready all the way through to their exit was so much fun. You could see the love they have for each other and the love their friends and family have for them. We have never witnessed such a strong community, supporting one another the way they do. What a beautiful start to a life time of love.

Flowers and Wedding Planning - Kara Kent Milestones Event Planning

Venue and catering - All Occasions Catering & Banquet Facility



Camping Trip at the Grand Canyon

August 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello everyone!

Last weekend we finally made it to the beautiful Grand Canyon! We took our camper (lovingly named Desmond, yes named after our favorite Character on Lost) on his first voyage! We stayed at the Ten X campground right outside of the South Rim which we highly recommend! The grounds were very well kept and had clean bathrooms. ( http://www.recreation.gov/camping/tenx-campground/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=75372)  Doug's brother Jon and our friend Brandon came with us.  None of us had ever been to the Grand Canyon before so we didn't know what to expect.  I had seen picture mostly of the North Rim and Horseshoe Bend on social media, but my eyes and heart were not prepared for what we were going to witness!  It was more than breath taking, jaw dropping and being speechless combined.  I think we all had different reactions to it.  While some said it made them feel small (in a good way), I felt so peaceful and every worry, anxiety, and fear that was riddling my brain prior seemed to vanish. I couldn't think of anything other than the beauty that was surrounding me. We saw some amazing things, both days we were exploring some monsoons swept through the canyon, at first I was kind of bummed.  If it's storming out they close parts of the canyon that are only reachable by hiking or the free transportation they provide.  I thought we weren't going to see much. I'm terrified of storms and with some recent deaths in Arizona from lightning strikes I didn't want to hike too far away from shelter.  So the first day we did a lot of driving and quick stops at view points.  Watching the rain and dark clouds flood through the canyon was incredible, you could see the wall of heavy rain approaching and slowly the thick dark clouds would block out the bright sun, it was almost like you were in another world. In front of you was a ferocious storm but if you turned around behind would be dry and sunny.  The next day we started were the bus stop was closed from the previous storm.  We decided to hike the first few miles along the rim and then catch a bus the rest of the way up.  We got about half way and noticed some dark clouds to the east, we checked the radar and it showed they were moving away from us.  Little did we know another storm was approaching from the north.  When we saw the rain in the distance we decided to go to the waiting area for the buses.  Shortly after we got there a bus pulled up, my fear of the storm was dwindling since safety was in front of us.  The driver opened the door and before we could get on he announced they were evacuating this part of the rim due to the approaching storm and he would be back shortly.  They had to get to the hikers further up first.  We waited for what to me felt like 7 days.  We had no shelter, the rain was getting harder, the thunder louder and the lightning closer.  I may have screamed a few times.  Luckily we actually only waited 15-20 minutes, then crammed onto a bus with about 40 or so other people.  I started laughing about how scared I was but we were safe and had a great story to scare our parents with (sorry guys! We love you). We finished our adventure off with two more stops. The first was stopping in Flagstaff to see the Lava River Cave.  It's about a mile long, 40 degrees max temp and pitch black.  It's a fun little adventure!  I will warn getting into the cave is very slippery so just be careful. The last stop was the always beautiful Sedona! Our friend Brandon is from Ohio so he had never been there before, we took him to Devil's Bridge and the wind caves. We ended the night eating pizza with my Aunt and Uncle.  It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back to the Grand Canyon and hike down in!  If you haven't been there yet I hope you get the chance some time in your life, there is nothing else like it! I hope you enjoy the pictures we shot on our little adventure!

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